Jasper County Sheriff


On Thursday, April 19, 2018 at approximately 4:45 P.M. the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office received information from Kouts Police Department that a kidnapping victim had been located in their area.  According to the kidnapping victim she had been able to flee from the suspect at the Family Express located on State Road 10 and State Road 49 in Wheatfield, Indiana. The victim was then able to drive north on State Road 49 stopping in the Town of Kouts.  The victim advised that a black male identified as Marvin Baker, age 41 of Madison, Wisconsin had forced his way into her vehicle at gunpoint in Madison, Wisconsin and told her to drive out of Wisconsin. 


Additional information from the victim indicated that the male suspect had displayed a black handgun, possibly a semi –automatic, at the time of the kidnapping and informed the victim that he would not harm the victim as long as she did as directed.   Sheriffs’ Deputies along with Demotte Police Department and Indiana State Police responded to the area of Wheatfield in an attempt to locate the male suspect.  Jasper County Sheriffs’ Detectives were sent to the Kouts Police Department where an interview with the victim revealed that as she fled from the Family Express northbound on State Road 49 she observed in her rearview mirror the suspect approach another vehicle in the parking lot of Family Express.


Contact with Madison, Wisconsin Police Department revealed that they were aware of the Marvin Baker suspect and that he was wanted for Federal Parole violation on the original charge of Robbery from a Banking Institution.  After being informed of the kidnapping that had occurred in their jurisdiction, Madison Police Department activated their Violent Crimes Unit to assist in the investigation. 


As the victim from Madison, Wisconsin had been brought across State lines, the FBI Office in Merrillville was contacted so that they were included in the ongoing investigation.  Jasper County Sheriffs’ Deputies were able to view security footage from both the Family Express and the Country Store located on State Road 49 at County Road 900 North. It was discovered the suspect had stopped to obtain fuel in a vehicle that had been observed in the parking lot of the Family Express at the time of the incident.



It was during this time of the investigation that a witness had approached a Sheriff’s Staff Officer at the Family Express and informed the Officer he had witnessed a domestic altercation between a black male subject matching our suspect’s description and a female on the north side of the Family Express building.  He then observed the female enter a vehicle and drive from the area northbound on State Road 49.  Immediately the male suspect ran to a parked car which was occupied by an older female driver.  The male suspect ran to the passenger side and entered the vehicle which then exited southbound on State Road 49. It was believed that this had taken place at approximately 4:30 P.M.


By viewing security footage at both locations, Detectives were able to obtain enough vehicle information to identify the female driver and make of the vehicle.  An emergency message was sent to Law Enforcement throughout the State of Indiana to search for the suspect and vehicle.


At approximately 9:30 P.M. through additional investigation Jasper County Detectives believed the vehicle containing the suspect had entered Clark County in Southern Indiana on I-65.  Local Law Enforcement and Indiana State Police were notified and were able to locate and stop the vehicle in question.  Shortly thereafter Marvin Baker was taken into custody without incident and the female driver was also found to be safe and not harmed.  Baker was being held on the Federal charges in Clark County, Indiana. 


Jasper County Sheriff, Terry Risner wishes to thank the dedication and assistance by all the Law Enforcement Agencies involved and especially would like to thank the witness that came forward with critical information when needed.  Investigation continues by multiple Law Enforcement agencies. 






By Terry J. Risner Sheriff