Jasper County Sheriff


On Friday, February 16, 2018 at approximately 10:06 P.M. Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputy conducted a traffic stop in the area of State Road 10 and I-65.  The stop was conducted for equipment violation on a 2002 Honda Civic which was being operated by Kimberly D. Fuller, age 25 of Rensselaer, Indiana. 


During a driver’s license check it was determined that Ms. Fuller was suspended prior and thus taken into custody on the Driving While Suspended, a Class A Misdemeanor.  The passenger was identified as Andres Gaytan, age 23 of DeMotte, Indiana, who was also suspended prior and was unable to operate the vehicle. 


As the 2002 Honda Civic was going to be towed incidental to an arrest, Gaytan was advised he was free to leave and was even offered transport by another officer to his place of residence.  Mr. Gaytan became verbally belligerent, refusing any transportation assistance.  As the Sheriff’s Deputy conducted a vehicle inventory, Gaytan continued to make attempts to re-enter the vehicle.  Mr. Gaytan had been instructed several times to stop this activity and that the officer would retrieve any items Mr. Gaytan requested from the vehicle.  However, due to safety concerns, Mr. Gaytan would not be allowed to freely enter the vehicle as it was unknown if weapons were present in the vehicle. 


Gaytan continued to violate the officer’s order and was going to be restrained temporarily until the safety of all parties involved was ensured.  As the sheriff’s deputy attempted to place Gaytan into hand irons, he broke free and fled on foot westbound on State Road 10.  As the sheriff deputy pursued Gaytan on foot, he was overtaken and ordered on the ground as he was being placed under arrest.  Gaytan physically resisted locking his hands under his body and would not comply with the order to release his hands.  The deputy deployed his Taser with a drive stun technique at which time Gaytan attempted to disarm the deputy by fighting for the Taser.  After a brief struggle and a secondary officer arrived Gaytan was taken into custody. 






During the struggle, one of the Sheriff’s deputies received an injury to his knee and a second deputy was struck with a Taser probe that penetrated his hand thus causing a blood borne pathogen incident.  Gaytan refused medical treatment from the Taser deployment and was incarcerated at Jasper County Law Enforcement Detention Center for:  Resisting Law Enforcement with Injury, Level 6 Felony, and Battery on Law Enforcement, Level 5 Felony and Attempting to Disarm Law Enforcement, a Level 5 Felony.  Subject is being on a $15,000.00 Surety bond or $1,500.00 cash. 


Both deputies received medical treatment and the deputy who was subject to the blood bourn pathogen exposure required base line blood testing. 






By Terry J. Risner Sheriff