Books for Inmates Policy

Sending Books to Inmates at the Jasper County Detention Center

The Jasper County Detention Center will no longer accept books dropped off in the lobby for the safety and security of this facility. Instead, we will require all books be ordered online from a reputable online business then shipped directly by that retailer to the inmate.

*** All books are subject to review and approval by the Jasper County Correctional Staff. ***

Rules for Sending Books Online
Violations of any rules or regulations will result in the book being stored in the inmate’s property.

- No Nudity or Violence. (Includes but not limited to: Nudity, Violence, Gang References, Criminal Activity, Weapons, Racism, or any subversive content inappropriate for a jail environment.

- No Hardcover Books (Paperback Only)

- Books have to be new (Used books will be placed in the inmate’s property.)

- No Magazines

Each inmate will be allowed to receive (5) books per month.

Newspapers will be allowed for drop off by friends or family in the Sheriff’s Office Lobby. The inmate will be allowed to review the newspaper for a period of 24 hours before it’s placed in to their property or disregarded. Newspapers should not be altered from their purchased condition such as writing, highlights, cutting, additions, etc.    

Books must be addressed to:
Jasper County Jail
c/o (Inmate’s Name)
PO BOX 296
Rensselaer, IN 47978

Suggested but not limited to online book stores:

Authority of: Patrick M. Williamson Sr., Sheriff of Jasper County

Policy Established on September 20th, 2017