CodeRED is Jasper County's Emergency Mass Notification System which can alert residents, businesses and schools of any natural or man made threats to the community.  This system will allow us to send informational messages to telephones and cellphones in the event of an emergency. These alerts can also be used to notify the public in the event of abductions, missing children, crime spikes, information gathering, etc... 

We highly recommend you follow any directions provided in the alert or take appropriate actions in event of severe weather. Please do not call the Sheriff's Office Communications Center after receiving an alert unless you have an Emergency or Information relating to the alert.  Our Communications Center will already be addressing the emergency and additional phone calls may overwhelm our center making it difficult to provide citizens affected by the emergency with assistance.

Our phone number database was initially populated with publicly listed telephone numbers.  If you have a non-listed or privately listed telephone number or a cellphone and wish to receive alerts, you will need to register your information.  You may register as many phone numbers as needed.

  • Alerts will be sent to telephones and cellphones as voice messages.
  • The Jasper County Sheriff's Office reserves the right to initiate tests calls as needed.  This test alert will begin and end with the word "test".  Please do not call the Communications Center after receiving a test call unless you have an emergency or information relating to the test call.
  • To register a telephone or cellphone, please complete the following online form.  If you are unable to complete the online form, please call the Jasper County Sheriff's Office at 219-866-7344 and provide your name, address, and phone number(s).
  • Removal from the Emergency Notification System.  Please contact the Sheriff's Office at 219-866-7344 and provide your name, address, phone number and reason for removal.

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