Jasper County Sheriff


UPDATED: 9/16/2014

Self disposal of hypodermic needles.

A Sharps container is the most recommended way of disposing used needles.  When the container becomes full, secure the lid using a heavy-duty tape such as duct-tape. After ensuring the container is fully and safely secured, dispose with normal household trash. images/imgs/sharps.jpg

If a Sharps container is not available, you may use a heavy duty plastic container with a twisting lid such as a laundry detergent bottle. Prior to disposing needles into the container, add approximately 1 - 2 inches of a generic cat-litter to adsorb any residual liquids. When the container becomes full, tightly secure the lid and use a heavy-duty tape such as duct-tape to ensure the lid will remain sealed. After ensuring the container is fully and safely secured, dispose with normal household trash images/imgs/ld.jpg


The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office would like to inform residents that we now have an unneeded or unwanted prescription medication drop off site.  Those individuals who wish to utilize this service will need to bring those prescriptions medications to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office located at 2171 N McKinley Ave. Rensselaer, IN.


The following rules apply to the prescription drop off:

  1. Prescription medication needs to be in the original container preferably with the prescription information label removed before deposit.
  2. Intra-venous, hypodermics, or other injectable material will not be accepted due to blood-borne pathogens dangers. 
  3. We cannot accept any liquid medications for disposal.


Citizens will need to enter the lobby area and make contact with a communications officer in order to have access to the drop off container.  Please note that the communications officers may be busy with emergency radio or phone traffic and we ask for your patience until they have the opportunity to assist you.


Please note that the DeMotte Police Department offers a similar service for DeMotte area residents.