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Jasper Co. Sheriff
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Rensselaer Police

(219) 866-7602
DeMotte Police
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Indiana State Police
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Jasper County Road Closings Due to High Water or Wash Outs

Lasted Updated: 03/5/2018 - 2:00 PM CST

0N 100W 170W  
1000W 100S 200S OPEN 2-27
1000W 100S SR14 OPEN 3-2
1000W 700S 800S  
100S west of  900W OPEN 2-27
100W SR14 Division  
100W 700N 900N  
1080W 850S SR16 OPEN 2-27
1100W 100S SR14 OPEN 2-27
1100W 1300N 1400N  
125W 1700N    
1400N 1000W 1100W  
1500S 380W 480W OPEN 2-22
150W SR114 300S  
1600N 700W SR231  
1600N 500W SR231  
1600S 630W 680W OPEN 2-22
1700N 500W SR231 OPEN 3-2
1800S 580W 680W OPEN 2-27
1900S and 680W OPEN 2-27
200S SR231 750W OPEN 2-27
200S 900W 1000W OPEN 2-27
20E SR114 300S  
250W 400S SR114 OPEN 2-22
300S 330W 250W  
300W 0N 100S  
380W 750S 900S OPEN 2-22
380W SR16 1200S OPEN 2-22
380W north of 1200S OPEN 2-27
400N SR49 250E OPEN 2-26
400S 250W 400W OPEN 2-26
400W north of  1800N  
400W 100S 300S  
400W 400S SR114 OPEN 2-27
400W SR114 650S OPEN 2-27
480W south of  SR24 OPEN 2-27
480W 750S 875S OPEN 2-26
480W 1400S 1500S OPEN 2-22
500W 1450N 1700N  
630W north of SR24 OPEN 2-27
650W and 800S  
680W 1400S 1600S OPEN 2-22
680W 1800S 1900S  
700N and 100W  
700S east of  1000W open 2-27
700W 250N 300N  
700W 1400 N levee broke both east and west side
750W 200S 300S open 2-27
780W 700S 850S  
800S 1080W County line  
850S 1000W 1080W OPEN 2-27
Airport  and Bunkum OPEN 2-23
Antcliff Subdivision    
Ryco Subdivision Cadillac Ln Camaro Lane  
Wood Rd SR231 Marion School Rd OPEN 2-27