Suspect Arrested After Vehicle Pursuit

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On Wednesday, October 11, 2017 the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office had received information that the Kentland Marshal was in pursuit of a dark blue Chevy S10 at approximately 2:00 P.M.  Shortly after being notified of this the Kentland Officer discontinued the pursuit as he had lost sight of the suspect vehicle that had been northbound. 


At approximately 2:20 P.M. Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputy clocked a speeding vehicle at over 100 miles per hour northbound in the area of County Road 1000 West and 200 South.  The vehicle was a dark blue Chevy S10 matching the previous vehicle from Newton County.  As the Jasper County Deputy attempted to overtake the speeding vehicle the operator continued to travel at a high rate of speed and turned on County Road 100 South heading eastbound.  The driver of the blue Chevy S10 then drove at a high rate of speed into a standing cornfield on the north side of County Road 100 South and disappeared from sight of the pursuing Sheriff’s deputy. 


Assisting Sheriffs’ deputies arrived on scene and a male subject was observed running southbound into a standing cornfield west of the last known vehicle’s location.  Deputies then continued the pursuit on foot establishing a perimeter on the last location where the subject was seen running.  A Sheriff’s unit followed the path that the Chevy truck had cut into the standing cornfield and located the abandoned S10 pickup approximately seventy yards in the field.  Upon approaching the vehicle the Sheriff’s unit discovered a female passenger in the vehicle still seated and crying uncontrollably.  The female was removed from the truck and escorted to the roadway where she received medical treatment for lacerations from broken glass which had struck when the vehicle entered the field at a high rate of speed.


The female indicated that the driver was a Sanders who had refused to stop and to let her exit the vehicle during the pursuit and at one point had allegedly struck her in the face telling her to shut up.  While obtaining information from the female passenger, the Sheriffs’ search drone was brought on scene and launched to provide an aerial search for the suspect who had hidden in the standing corn south of County Road 100 South.  Within six minutes the drone located the male suspect who was running southbound in the corn rows. 




Within several minutes, Sheriffs’ deputies on foot and under the direction of the drone pilot the suspect was located and arrested without further incident.  The female passenger was transported to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office for further investigation.  The male suspect was positively identified as Dale V. Sanders, age 45 of Wolcott, Indiana.  It was also discovered the suspect was wanted in Warren County, Indiana and Tippecanoe County, Indiana on multiple charges to include resisting Law Enforcement in those respective jurisdiction.


Sanders was medically cleared at Franciscan Hospital prior to being incarcerated as he complained of back pain.  Sanders is being held on a charge of Resisting Law Enforcement Using a Vehicle, Level 6 Felony and Criminal Confinement, a Level 5 Felony.  Additional charges may occur as the case is evaluated.  The female passenger was released without charges upon completion of her investigation.


No Officers were injured during the vehicle or foot pursuit, also assisting at the scene was Prompt Medics and Lincoln Township Fire Department with their off road recovery vehicle. 







By Terry J. Risner Sheriff