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On Sunday, June 11, 2017 at approximately 11:37 P.M. the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office received multiple 911 calls from a residence in the Kniman area.  At approximately 11:49 P.M., several officers including an officer from the Demotte Police Department arrived at the residence due to past history at the residence.  Officers found 30 year old Andrew Terence McKee in an intoxicated state making intimidating statements to the officers. 


During the incident, after officers had left the scene, McKee began to make loud noises outside the residence, yelling at officers and ran onto County Road 900 North several times and in front of passing motorists.   McKee ran into his home, the officers heard breaking glass and an adult female screaming.  Officers forced entry into the home and placed McKee in handcuffs, who had suffered a laceration to his hand from punching a window.  The Wheatfield Ambulance Service treated McKee for injuries and was later transported to Franciscan Hospital for treatment. 


Upon release from Franciscan Hospital, Andrew McKee was transported to the Jasper County Law Enforcement Detention Center with the following charges:


      Six Counts of Neglect of a Dependent, Level 6 Felony

      Intimidation, Level 6 Felony

      3 Counts of Intentional Placement of 911 Calls for Prohibited Purposes, A Misdemeanor

      Resisting Law Enforcement, A Misdemeanor

      Public Intoxication, B Misdemeanor

     Disorderly Conduct, B Misdemeanor


McKee is being held with a Probable Cause Hold and a bond of $12,500.00.








By Chief Deputy Patrick Williamson