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On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at approximately 1:31 P.M. Jasper County Sheriff’s Narcotics Deputy conducted a traffic stop on I-65 southbound lane at the 221 mile marker.  The red 2015 Dodge Durango was stopped due to an observed traffic violation by the deputy.  Upon making contact with the driver, he was identified as Kenneth L. Baker, age 38 of Chicago, Illinois and a passenger identified as Earl L. Amos, age 46 of Chicago, Illinois.


While the traffic stop was being conducted an Indiana State Police K-9 Trooper arrived on scene and initiated an open air K-9 sweep around the vehicle.  It was also determined that the vehicle and occupants were the suspects in a prior investigation involving the sale of heroin to undercover officers.  As the Jasper County Narcotics Deputy was issuing a written warning for the traffic violation the ISP K-9 unit gave a positive alert on the vehicle. 


As Mr. Baker was the registered owner he was asked and gave consent for a vehicle search.  While this was ongoing both subjects were secured for officer safety.  An additional back-up unit from the Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene and observed the Baker subject making strange movements with his hands inside the rear of his waistband.  When confronted on why this was occurring, Baker refused to cease the furtive hand movement and was being placed on the ground when a clear plastic bag became exposed from his rear waistband.  Baker was physically shaking the bag, attempting to destroy the contents; a powder like substance resembling a known narcotic.  This powder became airborne and contaminated the two deputy sheriffs. 


Once the suspect Baker was under control a True Narc Spectrometer test on the powder was positive for heroin.  Both Baker and Amos were transported to the Jasper County Law Enforcement Detention Center.  Baker received decontamination due to heroin product inside his pants and both deputies were taken to the Franciscan Hospital due to the inhalation of the heroin during the struggle. 


Kenneth Baker was charged with: Conspiracy to Deal Heroin, a Level 3 Felony, Possession of Heroin, a Level 5 Felony and Resisting Law Enforcement, a Class A Misdemeanor.

He is currently being held without bond.




Earl Amos was charged with:  Conspiracy to Deal Heroin, a Level 5 Felony, Dealing in Heroin, a Level 2 Felony.  Amos was later released after processing due to a serious existing medical condition that required treatment in the Chicago area.  This medical condition was confirmed by the jail on duty medical staff.


Both deputies received treatment and were released from the Franciscan Emergency Department.  The investigation is continuing on aforementioned charges.






By Terry J. Risner Sheriff