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On April 6, 2016 at approximately 10:15 A.M. Jasper County Sheriffs’ Detectives were contacted by the Monon Town Marshal reporting a rape allegation where two under aged female victims indicated the incident occurred in Jasper County.  The Monon Marshal revealed the incident had been reported to a local school guidance counselor who in turn contacted the Monon police. 


A criminal investigation was immediately launched with the victims receiving medical care and forensic examinations.  It was also during this time that a third victim under the age of fourteen was identified and included in the ongoing investigation. 


From information and evidence received, three male Hispanic individuals had picked up the three victims in the White County area and after several stops in Lafayette, the victims were brought to a local motel in the area of I-65 and State Road 114.  At this location, the victims were sexually assaulted over the course of several hours in the motel room.  After leaving from the motel, at least one of the victims was sexually assaulted in the suspect’s passenger car. 


As the investigation continued the Detectives were able to collaborate the victims’ statements with video and scene evidence collected.  The suspect’s vehicle was identified as a 2007 white Honda Civic which led investigators to a location in the town of Monon.  With joint cooperation between Jasper County Sheriffs’ Detectives, Monon Police Department and White County Sheriff’s Office, the three suspects were identified as the following:


        1.  Yonatan Ramirez-Diaz, age 20 of Monon

        2.  Edwin Marquina-Valesquez, age 26 of Monon

        3.  Melvin Ramirez-Morales, age 20 of Monon


With this information, Jasper County Sheriff’s Units along with the aforementioned White County Departments responded to the Monon area on Friday, April 8, 2016 and conducted searches for the suspects.  Between 1:00 P.M. on April 8 through 7:00 P.M., all three suspects along with the white Honda Civic were located and taken into custody.  The three suspects were transported to the Jasper County Law Enforcement Detention Center where they were incarcerated. 

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All of the suspects were found at different locations within the town of Monon. 


Yonatan Ramirez-Diaz was charged with the following: Level 1 Felony - Sexual Misconduct with Minor by Force; Level 3 Felony - Rape When Compelled by Force or Threat; Level 5 Felony – Criminal Confinement with Victim under 14 Years of Age; and Level 6 Felony – Strangulation


Edwin Marquina-Valesquez was charged with the following; Level 1 Felony – Child Molesting Defendant is at least 21 Years of Age; Level 3 Felony – Rape When Victim is Unaware of Actions; Level 3 Felony – Rape When Compelled by Force or Threat; and Level 5 Felony – Criminal Confinement, Victim under 14 Years of Age


Melvin Ramirez-Morales was charged with the following; Level 3 Felony – Child Molesting; Level 3 Felony – Rape When Victim is Unaware of Actions; Level 3 Felony – Rape When Compelled by Force or Threat; and Level 5 Felony – Criminal Confinement Victim Under 14 Years of Age


Ramirez-Diaz and Marquina-Valesques are currently being held on $1,000,000.00 Surety or $100,000.00 Cash bond and Ramirez-Morales is being held on an $800,000.00 Surety or $80,000.00 Cash bond.   The suspects who originate from El Salvador were found to be in the country illegally and have a hold for I.C.E. as well. 


Indiana State Police Crime Scene Technicians also assisted in the scene processing of the motel room and Honda passenger car.  Investigation continues by all agencies named in the press release.






By Terry J. Risner Sheriff