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On Monday, November 17, 2014 at approximately 8:20 P.M. the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a frantic caller who stated she was being pursued by her husband who was attempting to ram her car.  The victim advised the communications officer that her husband was going to kill her if she stopped. 


Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Lewis along with Deputies Trejo and Stockman responded to the area of US 231 southbound from State Road 110 as the victim advised of her location and speed in an attempt to avoid being rammed by her husband.  During this time speeds by the victim and suspect were in excess of 90 miles per hour when the victim stated she had just been struck by her husband’s Ford F150 pickup truck in the rear of her Ford mustang.  This impact occurred in the area of US 231 and Virgie Road. 


Dispatchers were able to direct responding units on an intercept with the victim and suspect in the area of 300 North and US 231 at that point Deputy Lewis made attempts to stop the suspect who had been identified as Kurt Stuhlmacher, age 48 of Wheatfield, Indiana.  The suspect refused to stop for the emergency lights and sirens and as Deputy Lewis, at one point, attempted to get between the victim and the suspect’s vehicle, Stuhlmacher forced Deputy Lewis to the left shoulder of US 231 preventing the unit from interceding between the two vehicles. 


The pursuit continued southbound on US 231 and upon entering the north city limits of Rensselaer the victim was once again struck by Stuhlmacher.  The victim was able to maintain control of her vehicle and continued driving southbound when a third ramming occurred near Ceres Solutions Fuel Station which caused the victim’s mustang to lose control forcing said vehicle into a utility pole.  As victim’s vehicle came to rest Rensselaer City Police Units and Sheriffs’ Deputies stopped to render aid while the pursuit of the suspect was continued by additional Sheriffs’ Deputies.


Stulmacher continued to drive in a reckless manner and evade pursuing officers’ attempts to stop the suspect.  Stulmacher then drove back to the crash site where it appeared he was returning to once again cause harm upon the female victim.  With Stulmacher’s F150 surrounded by several squads he drove in a circular pattern around a north side business where deputies were forced to block his vehicle to protect area emergency responders and the victim.  At this time Stulmacher rammed Deputy Lewis’ squad and as Deputy Stockman pulled to the rear of Stulmacher’s truck he backed up rapidly and rammed Stockman’s squad.  Deputies were then able to extract the suspect from his vehicle by breaking out the driver’s window and pulling Stulmacher from his vehicle. 


Stulmacher was transported to the Jasper County Hospital by Sheriffs’ Deputies for treatment of lacerations and a Certified Blood Alcohol test.  Upon completion Stulmacher was released and incarcerated at the Jasper County Law Enforcement Detention Center under the following charges:


Attempted Murder, Level 1 Felony

Criminal Recklessness with Motor Vehicle, Level 6 Felony

Operating While Intoxicated Endangering, A Misdemeanor

Resisting Law Enforcement with a Motor Vehicle, Level 6 Felony


The victim was treated and released, also damaged at the crash scene were two other parked vehicles and utility services to Rensselaer City.  Investigation continues by the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department.  Assisting at the scene were units with Indiana State Police, Prompt Ambulance, and Rensselaer Fire Rescue. 






By Terry J. Risner Sheriff